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    Experts in Concrete Grinding Perth

    Concrete Grinding Perth

    High-Quality & Cost-Effective Services!

    Looking to remove deformities and prepare your residential, commercial or industrial flooring? AusCut & Core can help you.

    Concrete grinding is an essential part of floor preparation. It removes stubborn stains, dirt and glue from your concrete floors. It is a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to achieve a clean surface ready for reuse.

    Grinding can also remove existing coatings such as epoxy and other adhesives and smoothen out any undulations, deformities and imperfections in your concrete surface.

    Getting your floor grind reduces the risk of flooring failure due to poor adhesion or substrate irregularities, keeping yougrr surfaces safe by reducing trip hazards and, at the same time, enhancing the look and feel of your space!

    At AusCut & Core, we pride ourselves as one of the most reliable providers of concrete grinding in Perth, always adhering to the strictest safety and quality standards required in the industry.

    We provide a solid, durable floor surface that adapts to your requirements. Request a quote today.

    Concrete Grinding Perth
    Benefits of Our

    Concrete Grinding Services

    • Removes paint, epoxy & other elements from concrete, preparing surfaces for reuse.
    • Secures your investment and saves you money on concrete maintenance.

    • It brings back the glory of your floor by removing imperfections and irregularities layer by layer.

    • Peace of mind that you’ll deal with professional, licensed and insured contractors.

    • Adds beauty and value to your concrete surfaces, whether residential or commercial.

    • Extends the lifespan of your concrete by removing all impurities, ensuring a smooth floor level.

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      Why Choose AusCut & Core

      Fully Licensed & Insured Team
      Fully Licensed & Insured
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      Fast & Free Quote
      50 Years of Combined Experience
      50 Years of Combined Experience

      50 Years
      of Combined

      Trusted Concrete Cutters
      Trusted Concrete Cutters
      We Use The Latest & Safest Equipment
      We Use The Latest & Safest Equipment
      100% Customer Satisfaction Rating
      100% Customer Satisfaction Rating
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      FAQs on Concrete Grinding

      1. Preparation: Preparing the floor for grinding is an essential first step. This includes cleaning, vacuuming and taping off areas that should not be ground.
      2. Grinding: The next step involves using a diamond-tipped tool to grind the concrete surface. This can be done either dry or with water.
      3. Vacuuming: After grinding, it is important to vacuum up any dust and debris that has accumulated on the floor.
      4. Sealing: A sealant should be applied to protect the surface from wear and tear once the floor is clean.

      Why should I grind my concrete floors?

      If you grind your floor any old sealers or waxes that may be on the surface, as well as any dirt or grime that has built up over time will be removed. It will also level out any unevenness in the floor, creating a smooth surface that is easy to clean and maintain.

      What are the benefits of smoothening out surfaces?

      • Restores concrete.
      • Eliminates imperfections, irregularities and inconsistencies on any surface.
      • Makes any surface look and feel great.
      • Increases concrete lifespan and longevity.
      • Enhances concrete durability.

      How often should I grind my floors?

      The frequency of getting your floor grind will vary depending on the traffic your floors get and the type of finish you are looking to achieve. For example, if you are looking for a high-gloss finish, you will need to grind more frequently than if you are aiming for a more matte look.

      How much does concrete grinding cost?

      The cost can vary depending on the size and complexity of the project. Generally, jobs are quoted per square metre and primary jobs may start at around $50 per square metre, while complex projects with multiple levels or surfaces can cost up to $100 per square metre.

      Contact us if you need help.

      Is it okay to grind old concrete?

      Yes, it is okay to grind old concrete. It’s the most effective and low-cost way to level and restores old concrete.

      Why does concrete need to be sealed after grinding?

      Sealing your concrete can make the concrete look and feel even smoother, preparing the surface for a more decorative finish; it can also help protect the concrete from any damage.

      Why do people need to grind their concrete?

      There are many reasons why people may need to grind their concrete. Some common reasons include:

      • To remove an old coating or sealer
      • To prepare the surface for a new coating or sealer
      • To remove stains or imperfections
      • To create a smooth, level surface
      • To increase the traction of the surface to prevent slipping

      Does AusCut & Core offer a free measure and quote?

      Yes, we offer a free measure and quote. Give us a call on 0477 734 367 to discuss your concrete needs.

      How long have you been in the industry?

      We’ve been in the business for over ten years. We are trusted by many well known Perth companies, such as; CBRE, OPRA Projects, Knight Frank, Rama Concrete, Perth Airport, Georgiou, City of Vincent, FDC, and many more.

      Are you Australian Standards compliant?

      Yes, all aspects of our services comply with Australian Standards. And to provide the best result possible, we only use second-to-none materials and equipment working in full compliance with all safety measures and regulations.

      How is AusCut different from its competitors?

      We differentiate from other companies by adapting our practices for concrete services to our client’s project specifications. We offer well-informed advice for an optimal decision-making process. The benefits of choosing us are:

      • Having a team of well-trained professionals who know the best practices to complete each project.
      • All work is completed using high-quality equipment manufactured according to the most demanding safety standards in the concrete removal, grinding and levelling industry.
      • We stay updated with the latest standards in the industry, so we can safely serve our clients.
      • With AusCut & Core in charge of completing your project, you can be assured that you have genuinely skilled experts who understand the best practices for each case.
      • All our procedures are strictly based on demanding safety standards, reducing the minimal risk of accidents and providing the best possible outcome to our clients.

      Removing impurities from surfaces is a tough job only professionals should do. The process can create a large amount of dust, which can be harmful if inhaled.

      It is vital to wear protective clothing and equipment when operating the machine. At AusCut, we have dust-free machines, and our team is equipped with the proper tools, equipment and training.

      The grinding process can generate heat, which can be dangerous if not correctly ventilated; we do not recommend doing this type of work by yourself.

      The process can create sparks, which can be a fire hazard. It is essential to take precautions when using any type of grinding equipment. This is why entrusting your project to specialists is highly recommended.

      • Choose the right company or contractors to handle your project. You can go to Google, type in concrete grinding Perth or concrete grinder for hire in Perth, and then see the top 10 businesses that show up.
      • Be sure to work with licensed and insured contractors. If the contractor or company has a website, you can read information about their expertise and qualifications.
      • Work with a team compliant with all Australian Safety Standards.

      Are you searching the internet for licensed, insured concrete experts near you? Contact us today.

      1. Choosing a reputable, experienced contractor with the necessary equipment and expertise is essential.
      2. Be sure to communicate your expectations clearly so the contractor can understand your vision for the project.
      3. Make sure to prepare the appropriate budget for the project so you don’t end up overspending.
      4. Ask as many questions as possible. Raise any concerns about the project so you’ll have clarity on what will happen.
      5. Ask for a written quote and timeline too.