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Leading Experts In Concrete Polishing Perth

Are you in Perth and looking for the best concrete polishing experts near you? You can rely on us.

We are well known for our A1 Polished and Honed concrete. We can provide a 3 stage mechanical indoor polish and outdoors hone and seal (preferable for patios, around pools, and outdoors).

Professional Concrete Polishing Services

If you are searching the internet for a serious, professional and reliable company offering concrete polishing services in Perth that can give your floors the finish they deserve, here at AusCut & Core, you will find it. We provide professional concrete polishing according to the most exceptional standards. We get the job done quickly and cleanly, ensuring your floor is impeccable after polishing it to the most demanding standards using Australian Made tools and equipment.

To complete all works efficiently, we ensure onsite safety, accomplishing every single step in the process attached to the most demanding measures and regulations. We provide a wide range of concrete polishing services in Perth, we are well known for delivering a 3 stage mechanical indoor polish, outdoor honing & sealing, and standard concrete grinding.

If you find irregularities in your floor and want to level it, ensure its design is efficient and offers a superior aesthetic appeal to visitors or clients. We have a team of trained experts ready to assist you and tackle any project you have in mind where a concrete polishing service in Perth is required. You can reach us online or give us a call directly; our team of friendly experts will be happy to assist you.

Concrete Polishing Perth
Concrete Polishing Perth

The Benefits of Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete floors offer many benefits and advantages like:

  • Cost-Effective
  • Beautiful & Mirror-like Finish
  • Increases Concrete’s Lifespan
  • Excellent Investment
  • Low Maintenance
  • Durable
  • Wear & Tear Resistant
  • Spill-Resistant
  • Anti-Slip Resistant
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Great for residential, commercial and industrial settings

Want a professionally and mechanically polished concrete? Give Josh a call or contact us today.

Our Recent Concrete Polishing Projects

What Our Clients Are Saying
Jarrod Wayne
5 Stars

“Absolute quality work. I called AusCut & Core and Core on Thursday evening for a quote and he completed the job to a excellent standard on the Saturday morning.
Thank you for the outstanding service Josh.”

Brad Johnson
5 Stars

“Very reliable, really good communication and response time, did a great job cutting out a door for my garage! would definitely recommend and use again!”

Thomas Davies
5 Stars

“Overall, extremely impressed with auscut. The customer service is exceptional. The work is premium with high attention to detail. 10/10”

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What is concrete polishing?

Concrete polishing is refinishing concrete floors to create a smooth, shiny surface. This process can be done by hand or machine and involves a few steps. First, the concrete floor is cleaned, and any old sealant is removed. Next, a new sealant layer is applied, and the floor is buffed with a machine. Finally, the floor is polished with a polishing pad.

Is concrete polishing applicable to the residential surfaces?

Yes, polished concrete is best for residential and domestic settings. It is also perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications in commercial and industrial sectors. 

Can existing concrete slabs get polished?

Depending on the slab’s condition, it can generally be polished. If you no longer want to use carpet in your home, a classic example is that you can clean and polish the concrete floor underneath. Polishing an old floor will bring back its glory, and you can use it again.

What happens if you polish concrete?

A polished concrete floor becomes exceptionally durable and resilient. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and heavy equipment too, and not only that, but it also increases concrete’s lifespan.

Is polished concrete water-resistant?

Yes, polished concrete is water-resistant. It contains anti-slip elements too. Although it can resist water, leaving water in the concrete for an extended period is not advisable. 

Is it necessary to seal polished concrete?

Sealers are essential for polished concrete. It protects concrete’s gloss and aesthetics while preventing discolourations, cracks and stains. 

Can I polish my home’s floor concrete myself?

Concrete polishing is carried out using heavy equipment and tools with diamond properties. Therefore, only trained, experienced, professional concrete polishing experts should do it. 

Can you polish old concrete floors?

Whether the concrete is old or new, it can still be polished. So yes, we can polish old concrete floors regardless of their condition.

Need your floors polished? Give Josh a call or contact us today.

  • The condition or the quality of the existing floor
  • Repairs to be done (floors with cracks or holes need to be repaired first before you can polish them),
  • Types of finish to use (there are three types of levels of finish, including basis, standard and premium)
  • Project size (large surfaces can be more expensive than small surfaces).

Do you want to increase the lifespan of your concrete surfaces? Give Josh a call or contact us today.

Do you guarantee a high-quality finish?

Yes, we can guarantee you a high-quality finish. Our clients can have peace of mind knowing they trust this task to a professional team who have worked for many businesses in the area and always provide remarkable results.

How long have you been in the industry?

We’ve been in the industry for over ten years.

Can you provide us with the list of companies you’ve worked with?

Some of the biggest clients that trusted our services are CBRE, OPRA Projects, Knight Frank, Rama Concrete, Perth Airport, Georgiou, City of Vincent, FDC, and so many more.

Can you show us some previous concrete polishing projects you’ve done?

You can check our recently completed projects on our website.

Do you offer a customer satisfaction guarantee?

Yes, we guarantee 100% customer satisfaction from start to finish regardless of your project size.

Does AusCut & Core offer free quotes?

Yes, we offer free quotes. Give us a call on 0477 734 367 to discuss your concrete polishing needs.

What other services do you offer in Perth, WA?

Concrete polishing is one of our specialisations, but we’re also experts in concrete grinding Perth, concrete cutting Perth, core drilling Perth, Defits Perth, concrete sawing and demolition.