Experts in Concrete Cutting & Core Drilling Perth

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      Leaders in Concrete Cutting & Drilling Perth

      Leaders in Concrete Cutting Drilling Perth

      Are you in Perth looking for concrete cutting, drilling, sawing, grinding and polishing specialists? We can help you.

      AusCut & Core are licensed, insured and well-trained concrete cutters with over 50 years of combined industry experience. Using the latest and safest equipment, we can get any concrete cutting & drilling jobs done efficiently and with precision – every single time.

      We know change is constant in the industry, and our team adapts and learns in line with industry trends. We complete each project with your safety and success in mind, ensuring you get the best value for your money from your project.

      As one of the Most Trusted Concrete Cutters in Perth, we adhere to the strictest industry standards ensuring the safety of our clients, our team and the community.

      If you’re in Perth or WA and looking for professional and cost-effective concrete-cutting solutions at affordable rates – contact us today.

      Leaders in Concrete Cutting Drilling Perth


      Concrete Cutting

      Concrete Cutting

      Are you looking to create new openings for doorways, windows, plumbing, electrical or appliance installations or simply want to remove thick concrete for renovations? AusCut can get your project done without hassle. We offer services to homeowners, renovators, plumbers, property managers, builders, property owners and developers, commercial and industrial sectors in Perth & Western Australia.

      Core Drilling

      Concrete Drilling

      Do you need core drilling for your Perth project? From installing air conditioning systems, plumbing, and electrical wiring to installing anchor bolts for engineering structures for bridges and high-rise buildings, creating access points for utilities like electricity or water, and making pathways through walls for entrances or exits of commercial and industrial buildings, we can help you with all facets of concrete drilling.

      Concrete Grinding

      Concrete Grinding

      Are you looking to grind concrete to restore or prepare it for coating, waterproofing or polishing? AusCut’s concrete grinding experts can help. Age, wear, tear and subsidence can cause concrete to become uneven, and grinding can level out the surface before any repairs are done. With 50 years of combined industry experience, there is no job too small or too big for our team to handle.


      Concrete Polishing

      Do you want to restore the beauty and value of your concrete while adding more years to its lifespan? We offer high-quality concrete polishing services. Concrete polishing can restore and protect concrete surfaces from damage caused by aging, weather, chemicals, and wear and tear. Our high quality services can add up to 20 years to your concrete lifespan.

      Concrete Demolition


      Need concrete demolition services for your building or structure before rebuilding? Removing an unwanted driveway or patio? or remodelling the exterior of your home or business? We can help! We use specialised equipment and techniques to safely break apart large slabs without damaging surrounding surfaces. Regardless of the size of your project, we have the experience and expertise to help you – anywhere you are in Perth.

      Defits Perth - Strip Outs Perth


      End of lease, renovating or refitting? We can help clear your space quickly with our high-quality, professional, reliable & trusted defit & strip-out services in Perth & Western Australia. Specialising in commercial & industrial defits, we have completed multiple projects at large shopping centres in Perth & all throughout WA. We ensure your space is clean, clear and ready for use for many years to come.

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      Fully Licensed & Insured Team
      Fully Licensed & Insured
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      50 Years of Combined Experience
      50 Years of Combined Experience

      50 Years
      of Combined

      Trusted Concrete Cutters
      Trusted Concrete Cutters
      We Use The Latest & Safest Equipment
      We Use The Latest & Safest Equipment
      100% Customer Satisfaction Rating
      100% Customer Satisfaction Rating
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        What is concrete cutting, and when do I need it?

        Concrete cutting is a specialised trade involving heavy-duty power tools to cut through concrete in residential, commercial and industrial settings. The process often creates openings for doors, windows, and other architectural features. It can also be used to remove concrete sections for repair or replacement.

        The main reasons you may need to cut concrete are:

        • When renovating a home, office or any commercial building, you must remove concrete slabs to make the area look neat.
        • To ensure the rest of the slabs are intact.
        • You need to cut expansion joints to prevent cracks.
        • You need to cut concrete into pieces for easy disposal.
        • You need to create openings on concrete or bricks.
        • Creating doorways & windows.
        • Removal of footpaths and concrete slabs.

        Regardless of your needs, we have the tools, experience and expertise to complete your project efficiently and safely. Contact us today if you need help.

        Core cutting vs drilling: What’s the difference?

        You use core cutting or concrete cutting when you create openings for pipes, ventilation, wires, and air conditioning vents. In contrast, core drilling is simply another version of saying that the cutter makes precise circular holes.

        Can you cut through a concrete floor by yourself?

        You can cut through slabs with less than six inches of thickness by yourself. However, hiring a professional is best if you want the cutting done efficiently, quickly, safely and professionally. Hiring professional concrete cutters will save you time and money.

        How long should you wait before you cut freshly poured concrete?

        If you need a thick cut, waiting at least 12 hours is best. And for a less deep cut, you can do it within a few hours after pouring the concrete.

        What is core drilling?

        Core drilling is a method of drilling that uses a rotating drill bit to remove a cylindrically shaped core of material from a workpiece. It can be done on residential, commercial or industrial projects such as repairs, renovations, rebuilding or new construction.

        What are typical applications for concrete drilling?

        Core drilling is commonly used in construction and mining applications to create holes for pipes, conduits, and other objects. It can also be used for more precision drilling applications, such as creating holes for sampling or testing cores. Our concrete drilling services can benefit residential, commercial and industrial projects.

        What are the benefits of core drilling over other methods?

        Core drilling generally provides a more accurate and precise hole than other methods, allowing a precise cut of sample material, which is helpful for testing and analysis.

        When do I need the core drilled?

        • Create new openings for plumbing or electrical lines.
        • Enlarging existing openings for windows or doors.
        • Install supports for a new structure may even be necessary.

        If you’re unsure whether or not you need concrete drilling, it’s always best to speak to us. We will assess your situation and advise you on how to proceed.

        Does AusCut & Core offer core drilling for a plumbing foundation?

        Yes, we do. Core drilling is one of the most effective ways to build holes for plumbing, HVAC, electrical, and sprinkler systems.

        Does AusCut & Core offer free measures and quotes?

        Yes, we offer free measures and quotes. Give us a call on 0477 734 367 to discuss your concrete needs.

        Is the AusCut & Core team insured and licensed?

        The team at AusCut & Core is fully insured and licensed.

        Does AusCut use dust-free and noise-free tools & equipment?

        Yes, we are equipped with superior tools and equipment available today.

        How do we get started working with AusCut & Core?

        If you are ready to work with us, call us at 0477 734 367 for a FREE measure and quote.

        We will then inspect your property and explain the project’s cost and how long it would take us to finish it. During the discussion, we would like you to ask any questions you might have. The more questions you have, the better. We want to ensure clarity from both sides before we start working on your project.

        One of the main reasons it’s critical to hire licensed and insured concrete cutters is that it can save you time and money. If something happens on the work premises, insurance would be able to cover the damage incurred. In addition, insured and licensed contractors are more trustworthy and reliable. Although concrete jobs like cutting and drilling are not the types of projects you frequently do, you want to ensure that everything runs smoothly for your benefit.

        Safety is one of the most apparent advantages. Cutting concrete can be dangerous if not done correctly. Professionals have the training and experience to safely and effectively cut through concrete, regardless of size and thickness.

        Another benefit is allowing you to save time and money. If you try to do the job yourself, you will likely make mistakes that will cost you time and money to fix. Hiring a professional ensures that the job is done right the first time.

        Professionals have the right tools for the job, allowing them to finish your project safely, on time and within budget.

        Experts are licensed and insured to carry the most demanding core drilling and cutting requirements.

        What other services does AusCut specialise in?

        We specialise in concrete grinding, polishing, scanning, sawing, demolition, defits and strips out.