Are you in Perth and looking for concrete-cutting specialists? Here are the four questions we recommend you should ask your concrete specialists before engaging with them.

1. What safety and emergency measures are taken while cutting the concrete?

It is necessary to ask your concrete cutting specialist about any safety precautions and emergency response plans they have in place for when cutting takes place. This will ensure that you and those around you are kept safe during the process.

2. How deep can you cut into the concrete?

It’s essential to clearly understand how deep the cuts need to be and what equipment will be used. This can help prevent damage to surrounding areas and ensure that the job is completed correctly and efficiently.

3. What types of equipment will be used?

High quality concrete cutters should use specialist equipment when undertaking a project. Husqvarna is a very popular brand used by concrete cutting specialists in Perth. By asking about the quality of the equipment used you will gain peace of mind that the project will be completed both successfully and safely.

4. What are the estimated costs for the project?

It is essential to ask how much the project will cost before committing to any concrete-cutting services. Ask your contractor for a breakdown of their estimated costs and any additional fees that may apply. You can request a quote online through their websites or call them directly. If you’re in Perth and looking for the most trusted and leading concrete cutters, contact Josh at AusCut & Core.

By asking the right questions, you will be better informed and prepared to make the right decision when choosing a preferred contractor. With the correct information, you can be sure that your project is completed professionally and to your exact requirements. If you need more help, contact us today.