As a business owner in Perth, there may come a time when you need to update or completely change the layout of your office. This process is known as an office defit and can be daunting for many businesses.

Although an office defit is hard work, it carries a lot of benefits to business owners, including but not limited to.

1. Preservation of Material Resources:

Defits, or ‘make goods’ clauses in leases, require tenants to return the office space to its original condition. This often involves recycling or reusing materials and promoting the responsible use of resources.

2. Financial Savings:

Opting for a defit can save money. Rather than investing in entirely new fit-outs each time, existing materials can be repurposed and incorporated into the new design.

3. Flexibility:

Defits allow for greater flexibility. Businesses change and evolve, and so do their office space needs. Defits allow businesses to adapt their workspaces to meet these changing needs.

4. Compliance with Lease Agreements:

Many commercial leases include a defit clause. Carrying out a defit allows tenants to comply with these contractual obligations and avoid potential legal and financial penalties.

5. Environmentally Friendly:

By reusing and recycling materials wherever possible, defits can considerably reduce waste and the environmental impact of office space refurbishing.

What is involved in a defits project, and how can AusCut help?

Defits involve planning and preparation, demolition, renovation and upgrades, and final touches. At AusCut, our job is to remove and cut offices’ concrete surfaces to ensure they return to their original state and are ready to be rented again. Regardless of your office’s size, we have the tools, equipment, experience and expertise to demolish concrete quickly and precisely.


In conclusion, an office defit can be a complex process that requires careful planning and preparation. However, working with a reputable office defit company ensures your project is completed on time and within budget.

AusCut & Core offers premier, safe, and reliable office defits to businesses in Perth and surrounding areas. Contact us today if you’re looking for defit experts near you in Perth.