Several factors can influence the cost of concrete grinding in Perth.


In most cases, the concrete grinding cost will be based on the size and condition of the surface.

The larger the area, the more it will cost you to grind. If the concrete is in good condition and doesn’t require much work, the cost will be cheaper than if the surface is in bad shape.


The type of equipment used can also influence the cost of concrete grinding.

When it comes to equipment there are two categories used wet and dry. The cost of your concrete grinding depends on which category you prefer. Both work well, but the bottom line will always come down to your budget.

If you have a minor job, we may use the hand-held concrete grinder. These are small, portable units that can be operated with one hand. They’re ideal for small jobs, such as grinding out a small area of concrete or removing a few stains.

However, you will need a floor grinder for larger projects, grinding a parking lot or removing a layer of asphalt. Floor grinders come in two types: electric and propane. Electric models are usually less expensive, but they require an electrical outlet. Propane models are more expensive but portable and can be used anywhere.

Regardless of the type or category of the grinder needed for your project, this is another factor that will influence your concrete grinding cost. If you want to save money, choosing a concrete grinding team with hi-end equipment with a wealth of experience working with small, medium to large projects is best.


Experience and expertise are other factors that influence the cost of concrete grinding. The main reason why experienced concrete grinding professionals charge more is that they have the necessary skills and experience to get the job done right.

In addition, they also have the right equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. Experts invest in resources, training and procuring the best equipment and tools in the market.

While you may be able to find some concrete grinding companies that are less expensive, you will likely end up with subpar results and put your surface at risk. In the end, hiring amateurs will cost you even more.

Is hiring experts the best option?

Yes! Hiring an experienced professional is always the best option when it comes to concrete grinding.

The size and condition of the concrete surface, the type of equipment used, the operator’s experience and the number of hours required to complete the job are some things that can impact the price.

If you need help determining the cost of your concrete grinding project, give Josh a call or click here to request a quote.