Concrete cutting is a process of removing material from concrete, such as sidewalks, foundations, and other structures. Several concrete cutting techniques can be used for different applications and purposes.

Concrete cutting is an integral part of many construction projects. Each type of concrete cutting has its strengths and weaknesses, so choosing the right method for your project to achieve the best results is essential.

Understanding the different types of concrete cutting available ensures your project goes smoothly and achieves the desired outcome. Without further ado, below are the types of concrete cutting and what they are best for.


The most common type of concrete cutting is sawing, which uses blades or diamond discs to cut through the concrete. Sawing is best for cutting straight lines and can be used to make window openings, slots for doorways, stairwells, and openings for utility lines.

Demolition Sawing

If a concrete surface needs to be removed without damaging the underlying material, demolition sawing can be used. This method uses special blades to cut off the top layer of concrete and remove it from the area. Demolition sawing is best for quickly removing large amounts of concrete, such as in a renovation project.

Wall Sawing

If a large area needs to be cut, wall sawing may be used. This process involves mounting a saw on tracks above the cutting surface and guiding it along the desired cut line. Wall sawing is best for cutting large openings, such as garage doors, to install new windows or doors.


Another type of concrete cutting is drilling. Drilling uses high-speed rotary bits to cut holes into the concrete. This method is often used when plumbing pipes need to be installed, or electrical wiring needs to be inserted.

Drilling is also used for creating core samples to test the strength and integrity of the concrete.

No matter what type of concrete cutting project you’re undertaking, choosing the best contractor will ensure an accurate and successful result.

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